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The Marais Family

Hennie and Becca left the comfort of their London lifestyle with their three young children- Jasmine, Caleb and Taliah - to come, live and serve among this remote community of Maasai. With a background in art Becca adapted her skills to work alongside the women designing jewellery. She was able to adapt the women’s traditional skills in beadwork into beautiful jewellery pieces for a western market, which is now selling in and around Europe, Australia, South Africa and the US. Hennie is South African and has lived in London and worked for New Wine for several years before coming out to Kenya. His passion lies in Bible teaching and he quickly gathered the Maasai team together to grow deeper with God and lead them to a place where God’s kingdom became the focus. Hennie manages the School, Medical Clinic, Farming and Water Projects. He is in the process of training and empowering the Maasai to take on the leadership of these projects.

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