Our Partners

Some of the people we are working with...

St Pauls Ealing

St Pauls Church sent the Marais family out in 2009. The church is committed to help the Olorte Community through integral development.

COCO Charity

Coco Charity is partnering with RedTribe to help develop the Maasai Academy. COCO has build 2 Classrooms, a Kitchen and toilets.

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit

Archbishop Ole Sapit oversees the Anglican Church in Kenya. He is a very respected partner who used to champion Projects by Tearfund, Comic Relief, US AID and many other Development organisations. Archbishop Jackson provides valuable advice and accountability.

Starfish Clinic Project International

SCPI is the driving force behind the Maasai Clinic. SCPI has invested in the Medical Program in Olorte since 2007. The aim is to provide a first class healthcare system with a focus on health education to eradicate common preventable diseases.

Asante Kenya

Asante Kenya is headed up by Lejla Abbasová. In the last 4 years they have helped RedTribe to develop a Shamba Project (growing vegetables) that supplement 12,000+ meals a month. They bought a BUV & Mulching Machine that provide the garden with mulch, manure and materials. They also provide the Beadwork Project with beads from PRECIOSA in Czech Republic.