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Maasai Clinic partners with Starfish Clinic Project International (a UK based charity) with the aim of helping eliminate preventable illnesses and deaths by providing medical care and education. The clinic is run by Florence –a highly qualified nurse who has been trained to carry out a wide range of treatments from dentistry to midwifery as well as her more usual treatments. She carries out an educational program where she visits the local schools and teaches about relevant health issues and how to prevent disease. She has particularly focused on HIV education over the past few years.

Our hopes for the Future

In the near future, we hope to build a purpose built health facility with a treatment room, dental unit, blood testing, X-ray and a drug store. Florence aims to visit every village in order to collect relevant data and health information. We hope to use these to identify needs and disease trends so that we can educate and move towards prevention rather than treatment.

“… I was sick, and you cared for me.”
Matt 25:36